Never worry about limited counter space or the ugly dish rack on the counter in your kitchen. Learn About Cubodira
Drying Rack Cutting Board

The Cubodira

A collapsible dish drying rack that stores on its side to free counter space. The Cubodira folds to a small box and is easily stored on its side against a wall, a microwave, a refrigerator, a cabinet or under the sink. It is only 1 1/2" wide on its side.

No ugly dish rack on the counter 24/7. The 14.5" x 16.5" x 1.5" polyethylene cutting board opens to a full size dish drying rack capable of holding 9 dishes. A special area is provided for glasses and silverware.

A dish drying rack that collapses to become a cutting board. Simply raise the cutting board off its base and a dish drying rack unfolds. Lower the cutting board and the dish drying rack folds into the cutting board. The dual purpose is ideal when a second cutting board is useful at parties and at a family get together or when space is limited. Patented technology

The Cubodira

A Dish Drying Rack That Tranforms to Become a Cutting Board | Learn More