The JonJas Company, LLC solves problems with ideas, innovation and invention.

We identify problems in every day life and solve them.


Presently, JonJas  is working on five major projects including:

The Cubodira: a dish drying rack which simply folds to become a cutting board.  The Cubodira frees counter space and eliminates the ugly dish drying rack from the counter top.

The Inter_X golf grip: an interchangable golf grip which requires no adhesives for easy regripping and the ability to try out different grips on putters, woods ,drivers and irons

Self Folding Storage / Shipping Boxes:  A cardboard box which forms from a flat piece of cardboard simply by unfolding it.  A solid box where the walls fold to become flat on the base.

A Passive Solar Heater:  A passive solar heater designed for easy installation and sale at retail outlets

Containers:  Easy to store containers start flat and snap together

                                                                      The JonJas Company, LLC